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Student Safety at SRJC

The safety of all students is a high priority for SRJC. We build a safety net by working together on prevention-focused best practices, including early recognition and response to concerning situations and behaviors, preparedness for disasters and major events, and reducing risk in our environment through clear and timely communication.

Students are an essential part of building this safety net; you are encouraged to use the many resources on campus to increase your skills and be aware of your rights and responsibilities to make campus a safe environment for everyone.

Here are some steps you can take to help keep yourself and our SRJC community safe:

Sync Your Phone for Safety

  • Sign up for the SRJC emergency text messaging system Regroup for updates during critical SRJC emergencies.
  • Register for Nixle alerts via email and/or text from the SRJC Police Department & other public safety agencies in your area. Nixle alerts include information on road closures, police activity in the area, and other issues that may affect your safety.
  • Add District Police's phone number (707-527-1000) as a contact in your cell phone. Calling District Police in an emergency will ensure quicker response than calling 911.

Be Aware

  • An alert person is not a good target for crime. Walk with your head up, not with your eyes down on a device. Notice changing conditions around you and trust your instincts.
  • Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes from buildings you are taking classes in this semester in the event of a disaster.
  • Recognize that Student Conduct Code prohibits alcohol and other drug use, possession, sale or distribution on campus.
  • If you do choose to use alcohol or other drugs off campus, actions such as limiting the number of drinks, sticking with the same groups of friends, and having a designated driver can reduce the chance of harm.
  • Understand that all students have a right to learn in a safe environment free of discrimination. To report sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination, contact the Vice President of Human Resources
  • SRJC prohibits dating/domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault; all of these actions are crimes as well as violations of the SRJC Student Conduct Standards. Visit Student Health Services for more on Sexual Misconduct and Violence or visit the SRJC Title IX page.
  • Know the fact that one in five women report a sexual assault or attempt while in college, and most of these assaults are by someone they know. At least 50% of sexual assaults among college students involve alcohol consumption by the perpetrator, the victim or both.

Actions You Can Take

  • See something? Say Something. If you are concerned about another student's behavior, speak up. Talk to your instructor, or contact a member of SRJC's B-CARE Team with your concerns.
  • Use the buddy system - when going out, stay with friends and have a plan for how to help each other get out of a risky situation.
  • If you do have to walk across campus alone at night and would like an escort, call District Police at 527-1000 to see if a police cadet is available.
  • Respect boundaries - listen to others when they express their limits and do not use pressure and intimidation to get what you want.
  • Stand up against abusive words and actions - help create a culture of respect and non-violence on campus.

Educate Yourself

  • Attend a QPR Suicide Prevention workshop; in just 1.5 hours learn the signs that someone is considering suicide and how to persuade and refer them to help. Contact Student Psychological Services for more information.
  • Sign up for a judo, karate, or self-defense course offered through the Kinesiology Department