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Recognizing Behaviors of Concern


Note: For students who are distressed or disruptive, there is the option to use the red "File a Report" button above if the steps outlined below are not sufficient. When you file a report, this send information to all BCARE team members, and appropriate personnel will respond. If you believe the student knowing you filed the report would be sensitive, please indicate this in the report, and we will act accordingly. After the team responds, in most cases you will be notified. 

Distressed: Emotionally Upset  ... 
Disruptive: Irrational, Verbally Abusive, Bizarre, Defiant  ... 
Dangerous: Threatening, Violent, Suicidal, Danger to Self or Others

Distressed Behaviors

Behaviors indicative of emotional distress, but not necessarily disruptive. (In this category, you may be acting on an uncomfortable feeling you have rather than an observable or flagrant action.)

Possible behaviors:
  • Nervous or anxious
  • Sad, crying, or depressed
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Spaced-out or disheveled appearance
  • Angry
  • Under the influence
  • Excessive demand for reassurance or support
  • Expressing suicidal thoughts
  • Suggested action:
    Talk with student privately or confidentially
    Register concern
    Inform student about available assistance through Student Psychological Services
  • Whenever a student expresses suicidal thoughts, take them seriously and get help immediately by calling Student Psychological Services, 527-4445. If the person refuses referral, call a B-TEAM member for consultation.
  • If the distress involves multiple departments, then complete the "File a Report" button on the top of this page to let all the BCARE members know of the situation. You can indicate if it would be sensitive to let the student know you filed the report, and the team will act accordingly.
Disruptive Behaviors

Causing disruption in or outside of classroom.

Possible Behaviors:
  • Inappropriately focusing attention on self
  • Irrational or inappropriate
  • Unrelated or bizarre comments
  • Verbally abusive
  • Defiant
  • Exhibitionist
Suggested Action:
  • Always protect personal safety
  • Protect safety of others, if possible
  • If appropriate:
    • Speak with student privately and confidentially
    • Show concern/acknowledge feelings
  • Set limits for acceptable behavior
  • Summarize incident in writing
  • Call member of B-TEAM for consultation
  • If the pattern is repetitive and other solutions have not worked, then file a report using the red button at the top of this page so that all BCARE team members are notified. You can indicate if it would be sensitive to let the student know you filed the report, and the team will act accordingly.
If discussion with student seems inappropriate, dangerous, or ineffective:

Request student leave class and contact District Police immediately at 527-1000. Refer to Student Conduct Code and Disciplinary Sanctions for procedures.

Dangerous Behaviors

Danger to self or others.

Possible behaviors:
  • Acting out and appears to be potentially violent
  • Violent behavior toward self or others
  • Threatening to harm or kill self or others
Suggested action:
  • Always protect personal safety
  • Protect safety of others if possible
  • Immediately call District Police at 527-1000
  • Buy time by talking calmly and with concern until help arrives.