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SRJC Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Faculty, Staff, and Administrators responsible for:
  • Immediately setting clear expectations for conduct
    Example: faculty include statement in syllabus regarding student conduct
  • Documenting each incident of disruptive behavior
  • Report incident appropriately and forward to VP of Student Services
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • May initiate contact with a BCARE team member if follow up consultation is desired
Senior Dean of Student Services, Santa Rosa and Dean of Students, Petaluma responsible for:
  • Initiating formal disciplinary action when requested
  • Informing involved parties as to decision made regarding student
  • Establishing guidelines for readmission to class/college
  • Conferring with student and giving written authorization for student to return to class
B-CARE Team responsible for:
  • Providing consultation to faculty and staff when requested. Consultation may involve:
    • Discussions to assess disruptive behavior
    • Clarification of action to be taken
    • Steps to resolve situation satisfactorily
    • Direct intervention and mediation with individuals involved in disruptive situations as appropriate
    • Providing brief crisis counseling to individuals if so requested, or providing referrals to appropriate services in the community
    • Offering crisis prevention and training to faculty and staff on request
District Police responsible for:
  • Responding first to any potential emergency, and consultation by phone
  • Intervening in any situation where the safety of an individual is in jeopardy
  • Making arrests when necessary
  • Providing transportation to a mental health facility for assessment of mental status and to determine whether or not the person is a danger to self or others; the individual’s consent is not required
Student Health Services responsible for:
  • Receiving phone calls regarding students in crisis
  • Initial assessment, consultation, and referral regarding students in crisis
  • Arranging transportation/escort of students as needed to community resources
Student Psychological Services responsible for:
  • Providing brief, confidential psychotherapy to students by appointment
  • Providing crisis intervention to students during daily drop-in hour
  • Evaluating distressed or disruptive students
  • Consulting with faculty concerned about a student
  • Referring students to community resources when appropriate
Disability Resources Department responsible for:
  • Authorizing and providing academic accommodations (support services) to students with medically and educationally verified disabilities
  • Providing academic and disability management counseling to students with disabilities
  • Consulting with faculty concerned about a student
  • Referring students to resources on college sites and in the community