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Signs of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment involves unwelcome conduct in the areas of sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical sexual conduct. Sexual harassment is usually found in the context of a relationship of unequal power, rank, or status, but may be in a peer relationship as well. Sexual harassment can cause harm even if it was not the person’s intention to harass. The harassment can take place in or outside of the classroom. If the conduct interferes with a student’s academic performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning environment, it may be considered sexual harassment.

The California Educational Code Section 89535 covers the sexual harassment of students. Common reactions by students who have been harassed is to doubt their perception, wonder if it was a joke or if it really happened, or if, in some way, they have brought the harassment on themselves. A student may begin to participate less in the classroom, drop or avoid classes, or even change majors.

Signs of Sexual Harassment and What To Do
  Signs What you can do
Sexual Harassment

Comments about one’s body or clothing

Questions about one’s sexual behavior

Demeaning references to one’s gender

Conversations filled with innuendo and double meaning

Displaying sexually suggestive pictures or objects

Repeated non-reciprocated demands for dates or sex

Listen carefully to the student, validate their experience.

Encourage the student to approach the person directly, or in writing, and communicate a request for the behavior to stop.

Encourage the student to keep a log and/or find a witness.

Encourage the student to seek counseling with Student Psychological Services and/or pursue institutional action through the SRJC District Compliance Officer.


Student Health Services for sexual assault prevention

District Police for victims of sexual assault

SRJC District Compliance Office receives and investigates reports of sexual harassment.

Student Psychological Services provides counseling for those who wish to discuss and/or heal from situations of sexual harassment.