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Community Crisis Resources

Campus Crisis Resources


  • Referrals - You may call any of the B-CARE members listed, at any time, for consultation, no matter how insignificant your situation may seem. We encourage you to assist us in preventing crises before they occur.
  • Trainings - B-CARE provides customized trainings to college departments and/or groups on handling distressed, disruptive, and/or dangerous situations. You may contact Margaret Grayson at 524-1795 or to request a training, preferably at the beginning of the academic year.

Employee Crisis Assistance Team

In the event that you encounter a difficult situation with another employee, you need to call the Vice President of Human Resources at 527-4688, or the Asst. Director, Human Resources at 527-4821 and the Employee Crisis Assessment Team will assist you.

Student Psychological Services (SPS)

If a student is distressed or disruptive, but not dangerous, he or she may be referred to SPS by calling 527-4445. After calling SPS to make a referral, please complete and fax the yellow card form. Also provide a yellow card to the student to bring to SPS.

Students who are extremely distressed or who appear out of touch with reality may need the additional support of being escorted to SPS. You may walk the student to the SPS office on the Santa Rosa Campus in Bertolini, 3rd Floor (Student Health Services offices). Please call 527-4445 ahead of time to ensure the office is open and so SPS staff can anticipate your arrival. SPS may also be able to advise you on whether emergency services in the community are needed instead. If you feel the student is dangerous to self or others, or no escort is available for a disoriented student, contact District Police at 527-1000.

A consultation with a psychologist to discuss faculty and staff concerns regarding a student is available by calling 527-4445. The psychologist consultant also is available for debriefing and aftercare following critical incidents that had a psychological impact.

Disability Resources

The Disability Resources Department (DRD) serves over 3000 students with disabilities of all types, including both physical and psychological disabilities. Students can request services by calling 527-4278 or by visiting the DRD offices in Bertjolini, 3rd Floor (Santa Rosa Campus) or in Jacobs Hall (Petaluma Campus). Drop-in appointments are available every day where students can discuss their eligibility for our services with a specialist privately.

District Police

Criminal activity and other emergencies that occur on campus should be reported to the District Police Department immediately. The District Police Department is the designated first responder in all emergencies. District police officers respond to all on-campus reports of fire, police, or medical emergencies. Dial 527-1000.

The District Police Department has primary law enforcement jurisdiction for all criminal incidents that occur on campuses and District facilities. This includes incident investigation, follow-up, and resolution.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services receives initial inquiries regarding students needing assistance with medical and/or mental health problems which are not an emergency situation. A student who can come to the department during established hours of operation will receive a brief assessment and triage of the situation accomplished through close work with Student Psychological Services, Nurse Practitioners, and District Police. Appropriate referrals are made to both on- and off-campus resources as needed. Dial 527-4445.


Community Emergency Referrals

Contact Student Health Services for referrals to low-fee/MediCal mental health providers.